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Direct Hire

Hiring a permanent employee means writing a captivating job description, getting the word out, screening resumes, interviewing candidates and onboarding. All while keeping up with your job. Or you can ask us for help. After all, our recruitment services department has an average of 15 years experience in this industries. It's our permanent job.

Competition for top talent, particularly professional talent, is fierce. That's because many of the best candidates are already working, often in full-time, permanent positions. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for whoever's actively looking for different work, or even unemployed.

Besides being connected to these candidates, our recruiters know their local markets better than anyone else. We have data that tells us how many like candidates exist in a certain geographic area, what the going salary is for any position, and much more. Everything you need to put together the right offer.

Long story short, we have unmatched expertise specifically designed to source your best direct hires!

We don't just hire low to mid-level permanent positions; our retained search team specializes in conducting searches for senior managers, directors, VPs and C-suite executives. Literally anyone you need with $100,000 and up salaries, PCF Direct Hire has it covered.

We optimize your talent management while minimizing your time-to-value ratio. Using our expertise in the recruitment marketing industry, we leverage the most advanced technologies to help you identify, recruit, and retain the full-time talent you need.


For clients, the advantages of direct hire recruiting through PCF are many. First, we have access to a larger candidate pool, including passive candidates that are often at the top of the ladder in experience and talent.

Using our direct hire services also saves money and time. It puts the responsibility of job postings, candidate screening, and interviews in our expert hands! We do all the heavy lifting and carefully select candidates that will be a good fit with your culture, values, and required skill set for the job. This all happens before any candidates are even presented to you for consideration.

Direct hire recruiting through a staffing agency also has less risk. Direct hires are more likely to stay around for the long run and can be more loyal to an employer than a temporary worker who knows she might be onto her next job opportunity within weeks or months.

Another benefit is that we will guarantee our direct hires. Our direct hires are guaranteed with a comprehensive 6-month replacement agreement that offers 100% protection for the first 90 days.

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